Social Saturday

Why Let the Fun End with Summer?

 Introduces the AAA strategy that is utilized throughout the duration of our classes to accurately assess and react appropriately in social situations. This session also expands on basic skills such as greeting, listening, interacting appropriately with others and having conversations.
February 25th-April 8th


This class focuses on the importance of hygiene and general
etiquette, explores  ways social cues and how they effect us. It helps pre-teens and teens understand the importance of hygiene as a rule and how their outward presentation of themselves is understood by others. 

February 25th- April 8th


This class is geared toward community skills that are important for advancement towards adulthood. Topics include: budgeting, career exploration, job preparation skills, and projection of confidence.

February 25th-April 8th




It was at the end of Camp Free2BMe in 2014 that one of our campers asked us, now what? Good question! It occurred to us that the need to continue working on social relationships, understanding emotions and learning life skills were not just a summer thing, it needed to be year round. We wanted to keep building on what we had been working on over the summer and our campers wanted to keep learning.

In 2015 we launched our first Social Saturday program. We chose curriculum that focused on specific skills and we used multiple modalities of learning (after all, no two people are exactly alike!). By incorporating art, drama, cooking and game-based learning, our students were excited to be able take what they learned back to their homes and schools and practice. Imagine our excitement when they came back Saturday after Saturday with success stories of how they used what they had learned and how it really worked for them!

We now offer several classes on Saturday and we will continue to build on them each new session. Currently, we are utilizing ACCESS (Adolescent Curriculum for Communication and Effective Social Skills) that is specifically designed for middle and high school.  The information is presented in a fun way that is easy to apply to everyday situations.  We cover skills related to:  self-care, respect, organization and relating appropriately to adults.  

  • RAIN runs Social Saturday in 6 week blocks from September through May
  • One of the teaching methods used is the "Triple AAA" strategy, Assess, Amend, and Act. 
  • Some of the methods ​RAIN utilizes to teach are through drama, art, music and game-based learning. 
  • Cost: $400 per session. A $100 deposit will hold a space with a balance of $300 due at the start of the session.

Course Description & Schedule