More than 150 peer buddies and college students volunteer for us each year and make the difference in the lives of everyone they meet. Find out how to become our partner.

​Our Mission​​​​

Our mission is to enhance the social-emotional and spiritual health of individuals with autism through creative social and recreational outlets.

​​​Louise Riendeau, Finance Director

Louise has a special heart for children with ASD.  As parent her son has been involved in our programs over the years. She has a head for numbers and a genuine passion for helping others. Her talents are second to none. We feel very blessed to have her on  our team. 

Contact: LouiseR@richmondautism.org  

The RAIN Story 

RAIN is AMAZING!!! My child who has autism has never felt “a part” of something where he doesn’t feel alone or different from everyone else until he joined RAIN. Catherine Pall and her team give so much to their kids and not just the kids that attend RAIN but support to the families as well. Catherine Pall has advocated for my son with his struggles at his home school ensuring they are able to provide him the appropriate supports to create a successful school environment. She and her team with RAIN have attended my son’s Unified Basketball games with his school. They have taught and guided my son on how to engage in certain social situations. They really listen to all the kids and they care about our kids so much! They go above and beyond and they make a positive impact! They take the kids on fun and educational community field trips and hold many in-house activities. I cannot say how much of a blessing RAIN is in our lives! Thank you RAIN for enabling my son the tools to be successful and for giving him a safe outlet where he can be himself.

- Amber Halterman, Parent

Catherine Pall, Co-Founder, Program Director
Catherine is a Michigan native with a background in Special Education and classroom teaching experience.  She has been involved since the beginning  and has helped RAIN's programs evolve. Catherine's passion for teaching is beyond measure. She uses methods of teaching and learning that embrace each student's unique individual style of learning.  Each student and family is special to her as she takes the time to listen and understand their unique situation and develop a program that works for them. 



 My family and I are very grateful for the RAIN program!    From the first time my son walked through the RAIN doors he was accepted, supported and genuinely cared about.  What a joy it is for my husband and I to see our son laughing, bonding, making friends and most importantly happy!  Joshua wishes everyday could be a RAIN day!  He told his grandmother… “Grandma, the kids are just like me”!  Joshua feels safe, accepted and part of a group that is kind, patient, and understands who he is.  Joshua’s not only learning social and communication skills but that he’s important, he matters… self-worth and that is priceless! 

Kelly Krzemien, Parent

Camp has benefited him socially more than any other resources that he has tried. He comes out of his shell and communicates with others. We have been working on his social skills for years. I can see a confidence in him (since RAIN) that I did not see before.- Mitzi Fisher, Parent

In 2012 there were limited services available for students with High Functioning Autism. So with that in mind, a summer camp was started and RAIN was born. The first summer we held camp for three weeks and served eight students. In five years we have grown to not only provide an all summer long camp for students with ASD and their same aged peers but to provide camps during all school breaks as well as a Saturday Social Skills Program and After School Care specifically for students on the Autism Spectrum. (After School Care  will resume in 2018) We are different because we have heart. Each one of our families has a story that we want to hear and we want to share in. 

The RAIN Team