More than 150 peer buddies and college students volunteer for us each year and make the difference in the lives of everyone they meet. Find out how to become our partner.

​Our Mission​​​​

Our mission is to enhance the social and spiritual health of individuals with autism through creative social and recreational outlets.


Lydia Chisholm, Business Office Manager
Lydia is new to the RAIN team. She has extensive experience in non profit office settings. She is currently finishing her degree in Health Care Administration at Liberty University and is very dedicated to serving RAIN students and families. 

Contact: LydiaChisholm@RichmondAutism.Org

Amanda Kirby, Director of Community Relations
Amanda's energy, enthusiasm and networking skills keep RAIN in the forefront of the RVA Community! Her creativity and passion for our families affected by autism is evident in her efforts to help create community events that help educate and grow RAIN's mission.

Contact: AmandaHarris@RichmondAutism.Org

Rain's History

"Having a child with autism can be a challenge but I would not change my son for anything. The best way I can help him is to create new ways for him and kids like him to learn and grow to be exactly who they are meant to be."

                             ~Robin McDaniel-Davis

founder-Robin Davis

Robin Davis, Founder/Executive Director
Robin is a strong advocate for those affected by Autism. Her compassion for others and her passion to make a difference are evident in her conception and implementation of RAIN. 


The RAIN Team

Catherine Pall, Co-Founder, Program Director
Catherine's passion for teaching is beyond measure. She uses methods of teaching and learning that embrace each student's unique individual style of learning. 


    2011 - Robin Davis, single mom of a son on the autism spectrum, realized there were no summer camp programs specifically designed for children with an Autism Spectrum Disorder in her Richmond, Virginia community....

2012 - So she starts one! Robin resigned as the Admissions Director for the State of Virginia's Sitter & Barfoot Veterans Care Center to start Richmond Autism Integration Network. Her first project, along with special education teacher, Catherine Pall and her oldest son, Bryan Kirby, Camp Free2BMe.The first summer the camp served 8 children on the Autism Spectrum.

2013 - Richmond Autism Integration Network opens the first after school program designed specifically for children with Autism in the State of Virginia. Camp Free2BMe grows and serves 98 children with Autism.

2014/2015 - RAIN moves to a larger location and partners with Bon Air Baptist Church @ the Village. Camp Free2BMe serves 180 children in 2014 and 270 in 2015. RAIN Social Saturdays begins.

2016 - Another successful summer! RAIN After School, Fun Friday and Social Saturday's continue to grow!